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Peyo Yavorov (1878 – 1914) is one of the most gentle and exciting Bulgarian poets. There is no Bulgarian who has not heard of the women he loved and about the poems he wrote about them.

Peyo Yavorov was also a Leader of the Inner Macedonian-Odrin Revolutionary Organization. He was the leader of the Cheta and fought battles with the Turkish army for the liberation of Macedonia.

Peyo Yavorov committed suicide on October 29, 1914. The Sofia public was aware of the tragedy that was happening in his personal life. Less is known about the poet’s sadness after the lost wars of Bulgaria in the early twentieth century.

A friend of Yavorov says: “I found him huddled on the couch in his office. It seemed to me that his forehead lay almost on the knees. He looked up distractedly, tired, lost, drowned in something … Then he got up and said, “I look at the map of Bulgaria and I can not reconcile where we were and where we came …”

The monument of Yavorov was erected in 1957 by the sculptor Ivan Blazev.