Knyazheska Garden


The Knyazheska Garden was founded in 1882 by Prince Batenberg’s decision. Then it served the needs of the palace. It is planted with fruit trees, vegetables and flowers.

As soon as he arrived in Bulgaria in 1887, Prince Ferdinand occupied himself with the reconstruction of the garden. Prince (later King) Ferdinand is known for his interests in the field of botany. He invites eminent gardeners. The alleys are processed, flower pavilions are built, a large rock garden is formed, the vegetation is enriched. In 1891, the Zoo was established by the prince’s funds. It was one of the richest animals in Southeast Europe. It’s been around for a century.

In the 30-ies of the XX century, the Tsar’s Kindergarten was built with the funds of Tsar Boris III. There was a labyrinth, a swimming pool, a summer theater, a rock garden and a colorful corner with flowers from Asia Minor, Caucasus, Pirin, Rila and the Rhodopes. It was created for the children of Sofia.

In the 1950s, the concrete of the Soviet Army monument erased what had been done. Still, some trees survive.

Today, “The House of Baba Yaga” is surrounded by centuries-old oaks. Alleyways have trees with strange names like “Southern Catalpa”. Recently they are marked on special maps and can be recognized.