Medieval Bulgarian ruler


King Simeon (893 – 927) is one of the greatest Bulgarian rulers. After the successful wars he led, Bulgaria reaches its maximum limits.

King Simeon was one of the most educated men of his time. He graduated the Magnaur School in Constantinople, he achieved high cultural and educational level in Bulgaria.

King Simeon continued his father’s work. He developed the cultural centers created by King Boris I. Preslav and Ohrid were concentrated in unprecedented literary work, teachers and clergy, worship books are translated. The beginning of the development of the Bulgarian literature was laid. There is also the Bulgarian alphabet called Cyrillic in memory of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius. Later, the Cyrillic alphabet is spread in Russia and Serbia.

In the words of a contemporary King Simeon, a literary writer in the then Bulgarian capital Preslav, described the buildings and churches “decorated with many stone and wood and paint, and inside with marble and honey, silver and gold.” The king was dressed in a pearl-covered garment. He wore a rich necklace on his neck, and on his hands – golden bracelets. He was wearing a velvet belt, a golden sword hanging on his thigh. “I do not know how to tell this – only with your own eyes you can appreciate this beauty,” concludes the Bulgarian writer.