The grave of Ivan Vazov

Ivan Vazov (1850-1921) is called the patriarch of Bulgarian literature. His work covers 22 volumes of pages. They contain the struggles and excitement of the Bulgarian people.

After World War I, Bulgaria lost half of its population and territory. On the day of signing the peace treaty, the citizens of Sofia are flocking to the poet’s house. People are singing a mourning march: “You deceased, have gone to another regiment.” Ivan Vazov went on the balcony and cried with his people. This balcony could be seen today at the corner of the streets “Ivan Vazov” and “Georgi S. Rakovski”.

Ivan Vazov was buried in a holy place in the center of Sofia. The idea of the tombstone is the great Bulgarian sculptor Ivan Lazarov. It’s hard to get it done.

The large stone, which the sculptor chose, weighs 10 tons and is from the foot of Vitosha mountain. Three bullocks, harnessed in a specially crafted cart, carried the large stone for 18 days. They were welcomed ¬†with “Hura!” by Sofia citizens.