City Tour

Sofia – a city of different cultures

Cultural diversity is becoming an integral part of the future European cities.


Which is the best-selling product in the Zhenski Pazar (Women's Market)?
One of the most precious exhibits of the National Archaeological Museum is the icon of St. Theodore of X century. What is it made from?
What is sold on the market in front of the Holy Synod?
How many columns are on the building of the National Theater?
. Where can you see the largest chandelier in Bulgaria?
Coming from the East, Emperor Galerius Valerius Maximinus entered Serdica through:
The central symbol on the bas-reliefs above the main entrance of the Sofia University is:
What is on the front door of the Catholic Church of St. Joseph?
What is held in the crypt of St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral?
While walking through the streets of ancient Serdika, we walk over stone pavements of:
What is located on "Vrabcha" Street № 1?
The "Roman Wall" is:
How many minarets does the Banya Bashi mosque have?