City Tour

Sofia – a city of different cultures

Cultural diversity is becoming an integral part of the future European cities.


. Where can you see the largest chandelier in Bulgaria?
The "Roman Wall" is:
How many minarets does the Banya Bashi mosque have?
The central symbol on the bas-reliefs above the main entrance of the Sofia University is:
What is sold on the market in front of the Holy Synod?
Which is the best-selling product in the Zhenski Pazar (Women's Market)?
What is located on "Vrabcha" Street № 1?
What is on the front door of the Catholic Church of St. Joseph?
While walking through the streets of ancient Serdika, we walk over stone pavements of:
How many columns are on the building of the National Theater?
Coming from the East, Emperor Galerius Valerius Maximinus entered Serdica through:
What is held in the crypt of St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral?
One of the most precious exhibits of the National Archaeological Museum is the icon of St. Theodore of X century. What is it made from?